About Us

All odds, all challenges and all handicaps of life can overcome with strong determination, persistent hard work, insurmountable patience and unshakeable tenacity" So hence hereby I request the support of our students and parents to turn MCT CLS into a center of excellence.



It gives me immense pleasure to welcome new students, parents and family members to our prestigious institution MCT College of Legal Studies. I am highly thankful to them for endowing such high confidence on our institution. So like the proverb well begun is half done you had taken that first step in making law as your career. So I personally congratulate all of you for taking that step wisely by choosing a career in law which in itself is exciting and it help you to develop a lot of skill and will make a better social animal.

The prime object of legal education is the production of professional lawyers, judicial officers, academicians and legal officers for various multi national companies. We here at MCT CLS tries to inculcate students with the operative legal rules, both substantive and procedural and to provide the students with adequate experience to apply these rules and also efforts are made to equip the students with sufficient knowledge of the historical and sociological background of the country's legal system.

MCT CLS was started in the year 2015 with a noble aim to provide legal education to the downtrodden and needy in and around Kerala especially North Malabar. Presently the College is running 5 year BBA LL.B (H) Course with an intake of 50 students and 3 year LL.B Course with an intake of 50 students. Modern times teaching of legal education is a blending and mixture of both theory and practice. For achieving this objective and improving the skills of advocacy, the college is providing clinical legal education. Apart from this we also encourage the participation of our students in Moot Court competitions, mock trails, and various Quiz competitions. We emphasis on curricular, and extra-curricular activities in the college. Last but not the least we had a team of hardworking, dedicated, qualified and experienced teaching and administrative staff who strive hard to provide the students with an opportunity to achieve their goals.



I would like to welcome our professional students and take this opportunity to thank you for showing your interest in our academic and professional programmes in legal studies. Our institution is strongly committed and determined towards academic excellence and professional growth. From our end, we aim to provide the finest environment possible for teaching and learning. We teach programmed, backed by our highly qualified and experienced teachers. It gives the scope to provide students with opportunity to achieve their full potential in legal studies.

Law is an instrument of social change'. In a democratic country like India the relevancy of legal education is growing day by day. Knowledge of law increases one's understanding of public affairs. Its study promotes accuracy of the expression, facility in arguments and skill in interpreting the written words, as well as understanding of social values. It is pivotal duty of everyone to know the law. Ignorance of law is not innocence but a sin which cannot be excused. MCT College of Legal Studies is dedicated in advancing human dignity, social welfare and justice through knowledge of law and aims to impart legal education which not only produce good lawyers but create cultured, law abiding citizens who are inculcated with concepts of human values and human rights who can serve humanity in various capacities such as administrators, law teachers, jurists, judges and industrial entrepreneurs etc. MCT CLS aims achieve excellence in imparting legal education by nurturing students in meeting boundless opportunities in legal profession, in respect for rule of law and responsibility towards the society.

To achieve this vision, the college strives to impact comprehensive legal education by creating an environment in which every student could discover and realize his potential to the fullest extent.MCT College of Legal Studies is established with the main objective of imparting quality based professional education to the students coming from all strata of the society and it aims at securing the following goals.To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education at all levels to achieve excellence.To raise legal awareness in community for a greater social and economic justice.Combining quality legal education along with necessary input of practical training.To equip students for a variety of legal and law related career.To inculcate a positive attitude and a sense of true professionalism among the students and make them self-reliant.

The College aims to be a premier academic institution in providing quality and affordable legal education. At present the course offered by the College are Five Year integrated BBA-LL.B (Hons), and Three Year LL.B.